The X-Carve is ALIVE!

This year, our school (Granada Hills Charter High School) was given a very generous donation as a way to jumpstart the school’s engineering program. As the resident engineers, the Robotics team received funds to purchase a new mill to replace our old and worn mills, and to purchase a 3D printer and CNC Router Table.

After much research, we decided to purchase the X-Carve from Inventables, as it has a large working area (almost a full 1m x 1m square) in addition to their ease of access and very easy learning curve.

After two of our students worked tirelessly to assemble the kit, Coach Beal and a student were able to fine-tune the unit to create a prototype of one-half of our intake arm!

The piece in question is one half of the "boulder" intake system
The first prototype piece being created by the X-Carve CNC Router table.

The piece being created was imagined and designed by a high school student!

There may be a little more tweaking involved before the unit starts producing metal parts for the robot, but for a team that didn’t have this capability until yesterday, this is a great step forward! Please watch the video, below!


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