Neo Update

Well, we have had some delays, but fortunately, the team is back on track. On Saturday, we received the Tank Plates. These beefy monsters were created using a waterjet!


First look at the Drive Plates
Getting to work cleaning up the plates

As soon as they arrived, the team got to work cleaning them up. While the WaterJet makes amazing cuts, it does leave some rough areas to be cleaned up. Additionally, in order to mount the bearings in the plate, some mill work was needed.


The Software group has been working hard on integrating a LIDAR Lite (v1) into the system using a very complicated chain of Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and “hacker magic”.


Here is the elusive Arduino, spotted in its natural habitat.

By the end of the day, the plates were assembled, waiting to be built up into the final chassis!

This is one weird game of Jenga

On Monday, we were honored with a visit from John Lee, the Chief of Staff for the LA City Council District 12 office of Mitch Englander. He helped arrange transportation for the team to our regional events. Thanks Councilman Englander!

While he was here, the students were able to show him what they have been working on, including some of the near-finished pieces of the robot.

Showing off the ball intake
Checking out the new mill… and the old one, too!
Seeing how it’s all going to come together
Seeing the new Distance Sensor in action

Yesterday, Wednesday, Feb 10, we were able to see a test run of our tank drive pulleys. They’re being milled using a Milltronics CNC at a local tech company, who is generously donating their time and machinery to make this happen. Here’s a quick video of the machine running on the pulley (Sorry the tool change was missed, it happened pretty quick!)

We’re quite happy with the results, too!

2016-02-10 17.49.40.jpg
Before engraving the Team’s unofficial motto

Later that evening, the chassis finally came together, though not without a few strong hammer hits from the coach and students. I guess this is a good way to get out stress after a long day, and a seemingly unending build season.

2016-02-10 18.54.49.jpg
Almost there!

Needless to say, the team is rather excited at seeing so much progress.


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