Introducing Neo, the Neonatologist

Are we working on a Sunday? Yes, yes, we are working on a Sunday.

The students have been working hard all week to get the robot ready for Bag Day on Tuesday, Feb 23. Since our last update, the entire electronics portion has been installed on the robot, as with the intake and catapult. The drive system has been tested and we’re finding the robot is a lot more agile than we had expected. Additionally, we received some field elements from the school’s wood shop and we are running them through their paces.

Right now, some subsystems are being refined, as well as code updated and tweaked. By the end of the day, we expect the following to happen:

  1. Programming to have 90% of the competition code done, with drive code working without glitches
  2. Catapult will get a quick release system to knock out the dowel
    1. Reset winch working
  3. Robot should be able to scale the rock wall

Pictures will follow pretty quick, so stay tuned!


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