We’re at the LA Regional

We made it. After 6 long weeks of build season, the robot was bagged and tagged, signed off by one of our mentors, Mr. Wong.

Early this morning, we set out for Long Beach to take part in the LA Regional, which is now co-sponsored by Cooler Master! Thank you to Councilman Mitch Englander’s office for supplying the charter bus, letting our team ride in style!

Leaving GHCHS, on our way to Long Beach
A big thanks to Councilman Englander for the bus!


Right now, it’s practice day at the LA Regional; the Long Beach Arena is filled with the sounds of robots being worked on, running practice matches, and teams frantically applying the finishing touches before qualification matches begin, tomorrow.

Teams waiting to get in and start getting their Robot on
Getting NEO prepped and ready for the competition
Helping out the team from Hawaii get their robot up and running

The Robot First Aid station is set up, giving aid to any teams who have a need. If they need replacement parts, we’ll find them. Programming help? No problem.

Programmers doing hardware?!

Did I mention that Cooler Master is also here? The guys have set up a pretty awesome booth, highlighting many of their new products, including CPU coolers, mechanical keyboards, fans, and the Mastercase 5.

Instantly swarmed to get a look at their amazing products

The field is set, the robots are prepped, WHO’S READY TO RUMBLE!?



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  1. Howard Suber says:

    Exciting stuff!


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