LA Regional, IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! (cue epic synth solo)

It’s Day 2 of the LA Regional, and we’re coming off of a tough loss in the last match of Day 1. Allied with Teams 4201 (The Vitruvian Bots) and 5512 (Da.Evil.Bots, from Chile), we accidentally set our robot in the wrong direction for Autonomous Mode, driving into our own “secret passage” and incurring a penalty (Robots are not allowed to drive or maneuver into their own defenses, courtyard, or secret passage during autonomous mode).

Doesn’t that flag look amazing?! 😀
Representing our alliance partner from Chile
The calm before the storm

Later in the match, one of our alliance members incurred a penalty in the “end game” portion by touching/blocking a robot during the last 30 seconds. This penalty results in an automatic 15 point “lift” score for the blocked robot, resulting in a final score of 84 – 64. Regardless of the score, our robot worked amazingly during the teleoperated period, scoring our second High Goal of the day with our catapult-style ball launcher! We are definitely in the minority when it comes to how we implemented that scoring mechanism, and after getting it dialed in, it’s working out pretty well!

Lining up the shot
It’s up…

Today, we have two matches left in the qualification rounds, and then we wait for the Alliance selection in the Elimination rounds.

Everyone here has worked incredibly hard to make the event and these robots happen. Please remember to cheer them on, regardless of team, but rooting for the Robodox doesn’t hurt, either 😉

We will keep everyone posted, so stay tuned!


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