LA Regional, Qualification begins!

Today is the day. The teams are inspected, robots ready, and qualification matches have begun.

We started out the day by being interviewed by a pair of judges! The judges are comprised of professionals and educators from various walks of life, numbering about 15 – 20 in all, who will interview teams in the pits, examine robots, discuss team dynamics, structure, and strategy, as well as conduct the Chairman’s Award and Dean’s List interviews.

Answering questions and discussing the Team

Our first match was pretty quick, #3 of the competition. Before setting the robots on the field, they must queue up to make sure they are ready for the game.

Discussing strategy before our first game of the day
Showing off our awesome Standard
Setting the robot up on the field

Unfortunately, not only did we lose, we almost broke the robot, completely! Fortunately, our build team set out to rectify the issues, and we were able to fix the robot right before our next match!

Fixing the drive chain
Queued up just in time!

… And we WON! The repairs worked and the robot is looking pretty good.

And then we won, again! Our third game was even better than the second, with a last second maneuver to help us get additional points by driving up the tower ramp to score some challenge points!

If you would like to follow us, you can view the results at The Blue Alliance’s webpage for the LA Regional, or by watching the livestream on Twitch/Gameday!


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